Tuesday, May 29, 2007

USA Washington, Seattle

And thanks to:
Sorjberg & Andy Solberg
Cindy Johnson & Tim Hume
Denica & Vic Kaloper (Sleeping Bag)
Monica & Mike Kenny (Passport $$)
Joe Sheard Jr. (lots of Gear !!! )
Outdoor Research (Phil & Staff)
Carol, Pete & Brooks Levy (music CD's)
Norwegian Comercial Club, Arnie Thompson
Kevin Reece, Komo TV News coverage .....and all the Seattle wonderful response.
Sons of Norway, Ballard
Dan Catchpole, Ballard Tribune
John Naitto, Seattle PI Newspaper
REI, Seattle (Tent)
Students of Enumclaw High School, WA
David Helms, young man give me little money.
Dead Babies Bike Club
Cecilie Raoldset, translate for me.
Lindsey Jarris, send me a little money.
Doug Kinoshita. by tired to me.
Henrik and Barbro Weiseth, people from Norway and live in Wenatchee now. Give me dinner and little money.
Mikkel Ael, help me with little money.
Jeanette Watkins, let me stay in here house. Fix one hostel for me to.

I am sorry if I forgett someone here.

And thanks to all people I was so lucky to meet. Seattle must be one of the best city in the whole world.

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