Sunday, December 10, 2006

USA Texas

Brigde City, Texas

Thanks to this family, Val+Vanessa Ridley who give a new camera, my last on was broken when I crash with a dog in Central Amerika. Hi give me little work to. Is friend with Owen(down).

Brigde City Texas

Thanks to Owen Herbert(right) who give me work, fix up my bike and let me stay in his house for 3 weeks. Here I learn to shot pistol. He fix a benefit for me before I leave and get some money from his friends.

Was wery fun 3 weeks, drink a loth of "Lone Star", fishing, hunting in his backgard and I learn to like Country music.

Mart(left) give me little money and show me all his pistols.

Bigde City Texas
Thanks to Donnie+Darla give beer on their Pub.
Thanks to Tracy+Becky Bandrews give me beer and little money.

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