Monday, December 11, 2006

USA Montana

Yelloewstone Park
Thanks to this Hunting man who give me food, beer and sleep in his hunting cabin.

Glen Montana
Thanks to Elaine and Erik Kalstad, give me food and place to sleep. They have a big farm and I enjoy my time here.
Wont to have the finest beef in Montana, e mail here.

Plentywood Montana
Thanks to this girls who give me a lot of food and beer.

Plentywood Montana
Koko and Tara have one bar, Johns Bar. They give me sleepingbag, food and free beer all night. This man have realy nice karma.

Roundup Montana
Thanks to Troy Evans and his whife, he is ciclylist and help me little with bike clothes. Food, beer and some place to sleep. He also give me adress to family and friends i could visit on the road.
He is a designer and have so nice appartsment.

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